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Born in 1933, Prof. Sen was recently appointed Master at Trinity College, Cambridge University, a prestigious position, which no other Indian has ever occupied. This is hardly the first time Prof. Sen has been honored. He was for long a professor at Oxford University before he joined the faculty of Harvard University in 1987. He has also taught at the universities of Cambridge, Jadavpur, Calcutta, Delhi and also at the London School of Economics. He has received a large number of international awards and citations. He started by writing a seminal treatise on economics called the "choice of technique", and acquired an awesome reputation for his work on poverty, hunger, famine, education and health. His name was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize in Economics more than once. Prof. Sen's admirers lament that Economics in today's world has been confined to a business-oriented social science; whereas his perception of economics with its philosophical and ethical dimensions has not yet been fully appreciated by many.