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The architectural history of these buildings are full of stories of ambition, deceit and deception. The buildings, which symbolise the mighty power of the state, were initially contracted by the British rulers to an architect, Edwin Lutyens. Lutyens, in turn, sought the help of one of his friends, Herbert Baker. And Baker was given the task of constructing the two secretariat buildings which were to be like two arms of the body - the body was the Presidential Palace where, before independence, the Governor General lived.

Lutyens had kept the jewel in the crown - the Presidential Place now called the Rashtrapati Bhavan - for himself. But he had overlooked one important fact and that was the natural incline of Rajpath as it rises up the Raisina Hill atop which are these grand structures. So when construction was completed, Lutyens discovered to his horror that if one looked at these structures from afar, his architectural creation would seem been dwarfed by his friend Baker's efforts.