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This imposing facade housing the Supreme Court of India was again constructed by Edwin Lutyens. Its architectural style is similar to that of Parliament and the two main secretariat buildings. The Supreme Court is the apex body of the judiciary which is the third pillar propping up the state structure. In recent months, relations between the judiciary and the legislature have been tense. When I interviewed the former Chief Justice of India, Justice A.M. Ahmadi, soon after he laid down office, I asked him whether the power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court should vest in an individual or a committee of three.

A.M. Ahmadi: "At that point of time....that consultation with the judiciary has become a formality: I have asked you, that is enough. That was not discussion that was envisaged, as I understand it, in the Constitution. Similarly, today what the executive feels is: you have said and we have heard. No, no dialogue with you. So we have just....we have been reduced to something like a post office."