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Does Delhi care? And do the mercenaries who flock to this megapolis care about its history? Delhi is the world's fourth most polluted city. Author and journalist Khushwant Singh wrote about Delhi as a city "to which I return as I return to my mistress... after I have had my fill of whoring in foreign lands."

Khuswant Singh lives here. His grandfather, father and uncles were contractors who had helped Edwin Lutyens build his monuments. We had him in our studio talking on a different theme, India-Pakistan relations, and he was rather pessimistic.

Khushwant Singh: "I feel a little despondent about Pakistan's attitude towards India. Apart from Kashmir, they are not really willing to really increase trade honestly with us. When they were in trouble about their shortage of wheat, they would rather buy it from Australia at a higher price rather than buy it from us."