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PGT: What according to you… was it the lack of competition in the economy the principle reason, why there was an absence of linkage between what was done in the laboratories and what was taking place on the shop floor?

RAM: I would say there are two things that are responsible. The first important part is, of course, that there has to be demand on science, demand on innovation by industry otherwise they will not look at science or innovation, that also was there. But there were these major problems of our governmental attitude, I agree with what you (JPS) say that individualism that we talk about, that individual in a remote corner generates knowledge and is not concerned about building teams through only which usable knowledge can move. When you talk about a chain of concept to commercialization or discovery of marketplace or discovery of consumer, we are talking about a whole range of chain of innovation which requires enormous teamwork. So that particular concept was missing, so I do believe that science- business partnership that could have been built in the way that we have, would not take place that’s what we are trying to correct in CSIR. We talk about CSIR 2001, market friendliness, market orientation, looking at research as a business, that’s precisely what we are trying.