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PGT: Dr Uberoi, would you quickly like to react to what Dr Mashelkar said before we take a break in the program?

JPS: There are external factors at work also, that Dr Mashelkar knows very well, that because… the transfer of technology in certain fields, like defense, like nuclear energy, like biotechnology, aerospace and electronics and computers, which are areas where the time of obsolescence is very short, and things grow very fast, there I feel that the transfer of technology has not been such that India really benefited, whereas the few, that you know best, like chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and the building trade, there I think we have… or tractors, agriculture. There I think we have a better record.

PGT: Dr Uberoi, I am going to get back to you, I have a number of questions to ask you, as well as Dr Mashelkar, when we continue our discussion. We continue our discussion on the state of Science and Technology in the country in a little while from now.