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Jain Swami's eat Vegetarian Tacos in their Ashram in New Jersey.
Though the Indian Emigre has adopted and adapted American food, Indian cuisine is still preferred.

An American Volunteer teaches about Hinduism to 2nd generation American Indian kids at a Summer Camp.
Religion forms an important part of the life of the Indian Emigre, with most traditional and religious customs being observed.

A Wedding in the back lot of a church. Often the Indian Émigré communities have to make do with spaces to conduct their ceremonies and rituals. New Jersey.
The celebrations and enthusiasm of an Indian marraige is very much present on these occasions.

The last viewing of a Punjabi woman in a funeral Parlor in El Centro, California.
The Indian community is very close knit and joys and sorrows are shared by all.

A woman holds the Indian Flag as part of the parade that goes down Madison Avenue to celebrate Indian Independence Day.
A strong feeling of patriotism and a need to remember one's roots ensures whole-hearted participation in "India" events.

At the Annual Diwali Mela, at South Street Seaport, New York, An Indian Man sells the Statue of Liberty Head Gear and Krishna Posters.
A Fusion of cultures is apparent in the day to day life of the Indian Emigre.

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All photographs by Pablo Bartholomew.
For photo rights, please contact the agency, Gamma Liaison.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco,
Golden Gate Park, California.

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