The India50 Project:
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The INDIA50 Project is not just a celebration of 50 years of India's independence...

For every corporate body in India, this is also a fantastic corporate promotional opportunity.

  • "The Indian Émigré": A photographic virtual journey across the world, bringing to the web many stories, many winners, some losers, a slice of the history of people of Indian origin away from home...
  • "Contact India": This is the place to find old friends as well as new contacts, or be found by that special someone. After all, everyone is looking for someone they have lost in the fogs of time.
  • "Kidz World": A platform for children from India to meet and make friends with other children from all over the world, exchange messages, talk about their life, their likes and dislikes, and just get together for FUN!
  • "Facets of India": India is like a piece of abstract art, easy to appreciate, but impossible to understand, a tapestry, a jigsaw puzzle, an enigma... Brief snapshots of some of the pieces of this puzzle - history, culture, politics, art, languages, people, occupations, preoccupations and more, at a glance.


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Joining the The INDIA50 Project as a corporate member gives you:

  • Up to 10 web pages on a prestigious and well-known web site, for a full year.
  • Content of these pages updated over the year on an on-going basis.
  • World-class high quality web page and graphics design.
  • An opportunity to portray a corporate message of solidarity with India’s 50th year.
  • Platform for product or services promotion with a high visibility
  • An opportunity to significantly increase traffic to your existing web site, if you already have one.
  • A low-cost entry point for your presence on the Internet, without compromising quality.
  • The assurance that your web presence will hit the Web as part of a major well-publicised Net event.



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